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  Inner Wheel Club of MOE        
Inner Wheel is a friendship Service Club and is open to all females over the age of eighteen.
New members are always welcome at our club, so if you would like to become involved please contact the member named below.
Members of Inner Wheel
  • are well organised women who meet monthly, with no attendance make-up obligations.
  • are autonomous even though we have Rotary connections.
  • have opportunity to attend District, National and International gatherings with the opportunity to network and make friends with women from over 100 countries.
I  am honoured to be a member of the Inner Wheel Club of Moe.
In that time I have made life long friends who mean the world to me. Our monthly meetings are filled with friendship and fun.
We currently have over 28 members and are growing. I am pleased to say that we try to make a difference in our local community by contributing to local charities, support International and District Inner Wheel Projects and much more.
We are always looking for new members who through friendship would like to make a difference in our own communities and around the world. I believe our Collect says it all and when you have read it and you feel like you would like to make a difference don't hesitate to give us a call and join this amazing organisation of Inner Wheel.
Instill in us O Lord the true meaning of friendship
Never let us lose sight of the needs of others
Nor forget to offer our help
Ever mindful of our own shortcomings
Realising we, too, need help often.
Whenever and wherever the need for service
Help us to be ready to serve
Endeavouring to make our club worthwhile
Ensuring we have not 
Lived in vain.
Yours in Friendship,
Gail Hogbin
President 2019-20
Inner Wheel Club f MOE.
Meeting Details:
When: 1 st Tuesday of the month.
Where: RSL Moe Function Room, 63-65 Albert St, Moe 3825.
Time: 6.00 - 6.30 pm
7 August: First meeting for the New Inner Wheel year.
Inner Wheel Theme 2019-20
At the Inner Wheel Club of Moe's meeting on the 3rd April, President Maureen (left) of the Rotary Club of Moe presented President Sandra (right) of the Inner Wheel Club of Moe with a Cheque for $500 for their excellent effort and support given in the serving of the dinner at the Rotary Club of Moe's Annual Golf Day event.
A Red Rose Signifies Friendship and is the unofficial emblem for Inner Wheel.